50-K Active Challenge Reaches 1000 Pledge Mark for Healthy Reform

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The 50-K Active/Athlete Challenge, started by Fort Collins, Colorado based Draben Enterprises recently hit a major milestone in achieving 1000 people signed up to take the Challenge. The goal of the 50-K Challenge is to recruit 50,000 people to pledge a more active life and to help elevate the discussion about the importance of being physically active to an even level with the discussion on how to pay for our health care.

The 50-K Challenge grew out of local author Don McGrath’s book 50 Athletes Over 50 Teach Us to Live a Strong, Healthy Life, and encourages people to follow a few simple steps to a more active life.

1)       Find a physical activity you LOVE to do

2)       Set a goal and write it down

3)       Make a plan to reach the goal and write it down

4)       Be accountable

5)       Get out there and have fun!

“The idea for the 50-K Active Challenge came to me after seeing the incredible health of over-50 people who lead a sustained active life.  For those in the book, the key was to find an activity they love to do,” Said McGrath.  “This is why the first step is to find an activity you love to do; one that tickles your inner child and makes you giggle when you do it.”

To learn more about the 50-K Active/Athlete Challenge and to join, go to www.50-k.net. The price to join?

–          Inspiration

–          Dedication

–          Perspiration

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